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3 Makeup Brushes You Need to Create a Basic Eyeshadow Look

When I am teaching a makeup lesson, I have the client bring the makeup they currently own, as well as their brushes & tools. The one thing I find astonishing is that so few people actually have the brushes they need to create a nice, simple eye makeup look.

They will have 3 sponges, 4 powder brushes, and 2 foundation brushes, but only 1 little dual ended eyeshadow brush they got out of a Naked palette. Smh!

No girl. If you are going to do an eyeshadow look right, you've got to have at least 3 key brushes to create the look: a flat thumbnail style brush, a smaller bullet or pencil style brush, and a fluffy blending brush.

Keep reading, because I break it all down for you!

Pictured L to R: MHD Cosmetics Precision Crease Brush #17, Crease Blending Brush #303, Small Fluff Brush #20

Small Bullet/Pencil Style Brush

The first brush you need is a small "bullet" or "pencil" style brush. This is the one I find most people do not own, and it is CRUCIAL if you are using any darker shades at all.

MHD Cosmetics Precision Crease Brush #17

This brush is for application of the darkest eyshadow shades in the outer corner into the crease and the bottom lash line. I always tell my clients "the darker the shade, the smaller the brush" because with the darker eyeshadows, you want more control of the application. This is because the placement of the darker eyeshadow can really make or break your eye shape and the overall eyeshadow look.

You will also use this brush to apply eyeshadow along the bottom lash line, to open up the eyes and make them appear bigger. You can also use the brush to blend out gel or kohl pencil eyeliners. EVERYONE needs this eyeshadow brush in their bag!

Fluffy Blending Brush

The second eyeshadow brush that you need is a fluffy blending brush. This brush is for applying eyeshadow into the crease, or the area of the orbital bone, and also blending out around the outer edges.

This brush is the most common eyeshadow brush that I see people using. One common mistake, however, is that they are using a brush size that is too big. A good rule of thumb is that you want this brush to be about the size of the end of your pinky. It needs to be able to nestle eyeshadow in your crease without over application. It also needs to be fluffy enough to really blur the edges of your eyeshadow, to create that polished, professional look.

MHD Cosmetics Synthetic Crease Blending Brush #303

Flat Thumbnail Style Brush

The last brush you need, is a flat thumbnail-style brush. This brush is for eyeshadow application to the eyelid, inner corners, and brow bone. You are going to use this brush during the last step of your eyeshadow application to apply shimmer to the inner corners of the eye, brow bone, and inner 2/3 of the eyelid.

MHD Cosmetics Small Fluff Brush #20

The reason why I like this brush best for this type of shadow application is because shimmery eyeshadow is best applied carefully, by patting it on. This brush shape allows for the patting motion without being messy and bleeding into the other eyeshadows you've applied. The shape also allows for precise application of the shimmery shadow on the inner corners and brow bone for a "pop" of light in those spots.

Hopefully this helps you! With the proper tools, you are one step closer to being your personal makeup artist. For more tips, follow me on instagram!



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