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ARTICLE: What Not to Forget About on your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, which is why some brides and couples overlook certain details during the planning process that may seem small, but can have a significant impact on their big day. We have partnered with Maggie Burns of Ad Astra Events to compile a list of the top 5 things that brides forget to do or arrange for on their wedding day.

Photo by Anne Tenkhoff || Planning by Ad Astra Events || HMU by Nashville Wedding Stylist


It's easy to forget about the gratuities for vendors such as the DJ, catering staff, wedding planner, and photographers. While their fee may already include a service charge, it's still customary to show appreciation for their hard work by tipping them. Maggie recommends getting this sorted out before the wedding day by withdrawing cash in smaller bills ($5, $10, or $20), and separating out the gratuity for each type of vendor using a labeled envelope system. Smaller bills make it easier for larger groups (catering staff, for example) to divide up the cash tip among their group. You want to make it a point to give these to your wedding coordinator the evening of the rehearsal and/or first thing the morning of the wedding when you arrive on site.

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Brides often forget to prepare their details ahead of time for the photographer. This includes the bride's dress, shoes, jewelry, veil, garter, and any other bridal accessories that will be photographed. Maggie also recommends that you ask your florist for an assortment of florals from your arrangements that the photographer can use in these artistic photos. You should also remember to bring a full invitation suite, and include any special heirlooms or personal items that you may be incorporating into your day.

Many wedding photographers now build in time on the wedding day to take these artistic flat-lay photographs of your details. It is a beautiful way to commemorate your wedding and have a memento of the details that made it so special. Have them all set out (or in a special box in a designated spot) and ready to go so that the photographer can capture them before the wedding ceremony.

Photo by John Myers || Planning by Ad Astra Events || HMU by Nashville Wedding Stylist


There are so many things to remember when it comes to planning a wedding, that some people forget to arrange food & drink for their party to snack on while getting ready. This is especially crucial if your venue is off the beaten path in a rural area. Ideally, you will schedule this ahead of time and have it delivered by the preparer, but you can also have a trusted friend or family member pick it up and deliver it as well. Plus, as the star of the show, you want to make sure you are staying nourished and hydrated throughout the day to maintain a positive mood and avoid feeling faint or lightheaded later in the day.

Maggie recommends sticking with light, healthy options that are easy to graze on, and doesn't necessarily require the food to be hot or cold, such as a fruit platter, meat & cheese tray, small chicken salad sandwiches, charcuterie board, etc. During the wedding morning you and your party will likely be in hair & makeup too, so you want to make sure the food you choose is easy to eat on-the-go and for a span of several hours.

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The bride's wedding gown and the bridesmaids' dresses need careful attention throughout the day to keep them looking their best. Assign someone ahead of time to be in charge of steaming or ironing out any wrinkles or creases that may have appeared in transit to the venue. Preferably this would NOT be someone in the wedding party, as steaming dresses after hair & makeup is completed can have a detrimental affect on their look. Have backup options for shoes and accessories in case of any mishaps. If your party is wearing satin bridal robes to get ready in, make sure those have been unpackaged and steamed before the big day as well.

As a highly experienced wedding planner, Maggie says that there is a lot to keep in mind regarding the bridal gown. It's important to have someone you trust that knows how to bustle your dress at the right time, secure all your buttons when getting dressed (preferably with a crochet hook!), and can help you with putting on the pieces of your gown in the proper order. Brides, you will also need to make sure you have all your undergarments together for easy accessibility before putting on your dress. Lastly, it's important to have a plan for your gown at the end of the night (or the next day). If you are exiting in your dress, make sure you have someone lined up to take your gown home from wherever you are staying, especially if you are leaving for your honeymoon the next day. You will also want to consider how & if you would like to have your dress cleaned and/or preserved, and who will be taking care of that as well.

Photo by Ashley Holstein || Planning by Ad Astra Events || HMU by Nashville Wedding Stylist


It's important to assign someone, or multiple people, to take care of personal items at the end of the night, such as gifts, centerpieces, your guest book, framed family photos, and any other personally owned decor. Additionally, make sure to return rented items such as tablecloths and chairs on time to avoid any additional charges. You may also have leftover alcohol if you have purchased it yourself, that will need to be taken (most places will allow you to return unopened bottles - score!)

Maggie also recommends that the bride & bridesmaids gather all of their personal items into one bag each, right after getting dressed, but before photos start, so that at the end of the night they know all of their belongings are in that one bag. Better yet, going ahead and placing that bag in the car will take it one step further! Also, your wedding day is busy, and you will be moving around a lot. It's easy to misplace your personal belongings like your phone, lipstick, or compact. To avoid this, have a trusted friend or family member hold onto your personal items. That way, you don't have to worry about carrying them around or misplacing them when you need them.

In conclusion, while planning a wedding can be hectic, it's essential to take care of many details ahead of time to ensure a flawless day. Remembering these often-overlooked items will help the bride and groom enjoy their day to the fullest. Follow these tips, and your wedding day will go smoothly, and you and your partner will have a memorable and special day. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!



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