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Our 5 Favorite Bridal Hairstyle + Gown Pairings

Your overall wedding day beauty look should take into account every element of your wedding, but particularly, your wedding dress should be a determining factor of how to wear your hair. I will share a few examples below of some gorgeous brides who really nailed their wedding day style:

Photo by Justin Wright Photography || Hair & Makeup by Faith of NWS

Bride Ashton chose an off-the-shoulder wedding gown, made out of material that created structure through the bodice & neckline. As someone who is used to wearing her hair down, Ashton opted for a mostly down hairstyle, with some pieces pulled back on each side. She was able to cover her exposed shoulders with her hair, or pull one side back to show off a bit, as pictured here. We love options! And, we feel like this hairstyle gave Ashton the versatility she desired, while also softening the structure of the dress with some curls.

Hair & Makeup by DeLaney for NWS

Melanie chose a really simple down style to go with her high neck long sleeve wedding gown. This look, even down to the editing style of the photos, has a very vintage 1970's feel without being dated. This style allowed Melanie to keep all of her hair down, but having the bangs pinned back behind her ears ensured it would stay out of her face. Having the hair pinned behind the ears also worked beautifully with the high neck of the gown which is covering her chest, revealing more of the bride's beautiful face.

Photo by Caitlin Steva Photography || Hair & Makeup by Kathryn of NWS

Half up half down hairstyles have been THE most popular hairstyle we have seen in the past several years. I personally feel like they are presented best with a V-neck wedding gown, as pictured here on our beautiful bride Jennifer. This style is very classic, but allowed the bride to have some hair down around the shoulders, while not entirely covering up the beautiful neckline of her dress. I especially love the texture of the curls against the more structured silhouette of the wedding gown design. Such a beautiful pairing!

Photo by Calder Photography || Hair by Canaan for NWS

Oh do we love a curly updo + floral lace detail pairing! I cannot say enough positive things about this look. First, bride Sydney's wedding dress had a high back with fabric-covered buttons and a gorgeous sheer floral lace material. Of course she wanted to show that off, so what better way than a perfectly styled updo? The curls & loops in the updo, along with the small decorative pearl vine, did a beautiful job of tying together both the detail in the gown and the hairstyle.

Hair & Makeup by Madison Dennis of NWS

This look was one of my favorites of 2021! Lauren's chic Olia Zavozina custom creation with a large bow was an absolute showstopper on her wedding day. The overall vibe was very chic but also feminine with the bow detail, so she went for a low chignon with smooth but airy texture throughout. We think the way the bun of the chignon is tucked under, by the nape of the neck, looks similar to the way the bow fabric is looped around. And, the face framing pieces blew beautifully in the wind, much like the ties from her bow flowed down the back of her dress. A beautiful pairing of gown + updo!


This article was written by Madison H. Dennis, owner of MHD Beauty | Nashville Wedding Stylist based in Nashville, TN. If you are interested in hair & makeup services for your wedding, please visit



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