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Timeline for Perfect Skin on Your Wedding Day

There’s one thing I’ve learned more about in the past year than I ever have, and that is SKIN. As a makeup artist, my job is essentially to decorate the skin on the face of my clients. With that said, the condition of the skin is paramount to the end result of a makeup application.

What I mean by that is, if your skin is in good shape (meaning hydrated, plump, free of dead skin), makeup will sit on the face much better than if you skin is dry, leathery, and inflamed.

Some people think I am a magician – that I can erase years of neglect with the stroke of my brush. Well, I’m here to tell ya that it doesn’t work that way. I always cringe when a client sits in my chair and asks, “Can you get rid of all of my wrinkles?”

No ma’am, I can’t.

Now, I have adopted some skin prep techniques with great products that I use prior to the makeup application, but if you want amazing skin for your wedding, this ultimately falls on you.

Photo by Matt Andrews Photography

In the timeline below, I will go over some really important things that you should be doing to get your skin ready for the big day.

1 year out: Assess your skin as it is now, in this season. You are doing this for two reasons – 1) To see what your skin is prone to be like during this season of the year and 2) To get a diagnostic assessment of your skin, prior to treatment.

6 months out: Assess your skin again and identify any major issues. If you are having persistent issues with blemishes or texture, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. He/she may be able to prescribe something that will help your skin heal itself due to an illness, hormonal imbalance, allergies, etc. Be sure to also discuss potential lifestyle changes with them that may help your skin condition as well.

4 months out: Go for a “custom facial” at your local favorite spa. During a custom facial, your aesthetician will take a look at your skin and recommend treatment based on your needs. I always recommend taking this route because an aesthetician knows more about what your skin needs than you do. It’s their job! After your facial be sure to ask for product recommendations to prolong the effects of your treatment.

2 months out: Go back to your local favorite spa for a follow up facial with the aesthetician that provided your treatment before. Ask her about how your skin is doing on your current product regimen, and adjust accordingly.

6 weeks out: Have your makeup trial with your wedding makeup artist. She will be able to give you a status update on your skin and may provide some tips to get you through the last month before your wedding.

1 week out: Go back for one final visit to your aesthetician. Be sure to let her know that your wedding is in a week and that the goal of the appointment is for glowing, smooth skin. You may want her to skip extractions also, as sometimes this can leave the skin a bit inflamed in spots.

Also, during that final week, be sure to pay extra attention to what you are putting into your body. Only drink water (skip the soft drinks, sweet tea, & alcohol), and try to eat clean, whole foods. Your body (and face) will thank you! And be sure not to skip your skincare regimen either. NOW IS NOT THE TIME! You’ll want to keep clicking along, doing everything just as you have been for the past several months.

If you follow this timeline (or something similar) you will be sure to have the best skin of your life for your wedding day! Your makeup will glide on and look so wonderful on your skin. You will photograph well, but will also look beautiful and radiant in person.

If you are a bride in the Southeastern United States, give us a shout! Nashville Wedding Stylist is a bridal hair & makeup artist agency based in Nashville, TN with artists that are adept in many different styles of hair & makeup. We specialize in weddings and take pride in providing an excellent experience for our brides and clients.



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