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8 Makeup Tips from a Pro Makeup Artist

I have been teaching people how to apply makeup for almost a decade, so of course, over time, there are a handful of tips that come up over and over. Some of these may seem obvious, some surprising, and some, you just may have never thought about before. Hopefully this helps you, and you think of me the next time you put your makeup on *wink*

Here are my top tips for makeup application:

1) Everyone needs two foundation shades in your drawer - your “summer” shade & your “winter” shade. In the in between seasons, just mix! It’s really that simple.

2) Apply all of your liquids & creams before using any powder. Once you apply powder, it's more difficult to blend a cream or liquid product on top of that.

Photo by Matt Andrews Photography

3) If you are using more than 1-2 eyeshadow shades, it’s cleaner to do the eyes first. That way you can clean up the fallout mess before tending to your complexion (and fix any droopy-ness you may have accidentally made in the corners.)

4) Under eye concealer should be 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation shade. You'll want to brighten up that area, and this is the most natural looking way to do that!

5️) Don’t try to contour with a bronzer product. Bronzer is for creating a sunkissed warmth on the face. It has a warm yellow or red undertone, usually with a bit of shimmer. Contour is for sculpting and shaping the facial structure. It is formulated with a cool undertone (and always matte) to create a shadowy effect. Don’t get it twisted, because you won't achieve the results you desire.

Photo by Ashton Brooke Photography

6️) Most brows need two different shades of a filler product = one that is closer to your natural brow hair color for all over shading, and a darker one to spot fill any gaps and/or create a new shape.

7️) For a complete eyeshadow look, you need 3 brushes - a flat thumbnail brush for the lid, a smaller bullet or pencil style brush for the outer corner and under eye, and a fluffy blending brush for the crease. Check out our blog post with more details on this topic here.

8️) In general, dark heavy eye makeup ages you. If that’s your goal, awesome! If it’s not, reign it in.

Photo by John Myers Photography

In my many years of experience, these are things that have come up time and time again with my clients, and I hope you have learned a new tip today too.

I would love to hear from you! If you have a topic you would like me to write about, send me an email -



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